When to Repair, Restore, or Replace Roofing


Replacing your roof is not something most homeowners are typically excited about doing. After all, it’s a significant cost, and it can be a process to find a reputable contractor that will give you a square deal. And, reroofing is not always necessary.

In this post, we’ll show you how to determine when you should repair, restore, or reroof your asphalt roof.

Roof Repair

A typical asphalt roof can last 15 to 30 years when installed by an experienced roofing company, and, some roofs can hold up well for 50 years. The key ingredient is addressing issues as soon as they come up.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is one of Benjamin Franklin’s most famous sayings. This couldn’t be more true than when it comes to your roof.

Home renovations are an easy thing to procrastinate on. Part of the reason for this is the potential stress of getting multiple bids and finding the right contractor for the job. The last thing you want (or deserve) is a leaky roof. But for an essential roofing repair, today is better than tomorrow, and tomorrow’s better than next week.

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Roof Tune-up: Restore and Maintain

Not all roofs need to be replaced. Unfortunately, some contractors will try to sell you a new roof when you could more affordably extend the life of your current roof through fixing issues and routine maintenance. If you aren’t sure you need to replace your roof, we recommend a roof inspection.

There are also things you can do yourself such as cleaning your gutters and downspouts. We’ve seen too many homeowners have to pay thousands of dollars to restore roofs, basements, and siding simply because they missed a routine gutter cleaning. If you can safely access your gutters using a ladder, inspect and clean them several times a year. For straightforward cleanings and downspout clogs, a garden hose may suffice. But if you don’t have safe access to your gutters or just don’t want the hassle, hire a gutter cleaning service.

Roof Replacement

While some subscribe to the mantra if it ain’t broke don’t fix it we advise it’s best to act before the existing roof leaks. Signs that it may be time to replace a roof include storm damage from high winds or hail; curling, cracked, or missing shingles; moss; and sagging sections of your roof. Additionally, shingle granules in the gutters are a sign of granule loss, which means the shingles are more exposed to UV rays, potentially causing them to age faster and become brittle. Indications of an aging roof can often be observed from ground level, and sometimes a convenient second-floor window offers a bird’s eye view of the shingles. Not all signs are visible to the untrained eye, however, so if you suspect damage, call a roofing pro to come out and inspect the roof.

The best way to reduce the amount of maintenance your roof will need is what materials you choose, who you select to install it, and the warranty.


Not surprisingly, less expensive shingles, which may make the initial project cost more palatable, don’t hold up to weather as well and won’t last as long as higher quality brands like Owens Corning and GAF that carry industry-leading warranties.


Contractors that cut corners on installation can cause headaches for homeowners and even void warranties. In fact, over 65% of the roofs we repair or replace are less than 10 years old—the product of poor workmanship by other companies. Hiring manufacturer-certified contractors is more than a rubber stamp. It’s an instrument of accountability and a symbol of reliability. In fact, only 3% of roofing contractors have qualified for certification. [Read Benefits of Using a Certified Roofing Contractor.]


Both material and labor warranties can vary greatly. Look for warranties to give you peace of mind to protect your investment for decades to come. For example, B&B Siding and Roofing offers a lifetime warranty for shingles and a lifetime labor warranty, which can increase the value of your home.


One of the top questions we get is understandably about cost. The cost to replace a roof on a house can vary widely. See the 4 key factors that influence the cost to replace a roof.

Not every roof needs to be replaced. However, all roofs need regular repair and maintenance to realize their maximum potential. We recommend you work with an experienced licensed and insured professional who knows where to look and can safely traverse roofs of various slopes.

At B&B Siding and Roofing, we give accurate estimates and stick to them.

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