To Repair or Replace Your Home’s Siding?


“To repair or replace” is not quite as deep an existential question as the one posed by Hamlet when he asked, “To be, or not to be?”  It is, however, an extremely relevant consideration when it comes to maintaining the integrity, appearance, and resale value of your home.

While we can’t adequately solve Hamlet’s dilemma, we are skilled at helping our clients dive into the pros and cons of replacing versus repairing their siding. (You’ll hear from two of our valued clients first-hand at the bottom of this post.) Before making your decision, here are some thoughts to keep in mind choosing whether to repair or replace:

Q:  How Long Does Siding Last?

A:  It depends on the type of siding. High-quality vinyl siding should last several decades, depending on the climate. Wood siding may last anywhere between 15 to 40 years if cared for properly. Aluminum siding should last upwards of 30 years and will require basic maintenance, including repainting. Fiber cement siding will last up to 50 years with proper maintenance.

Q: When to Repair Siding?

A: In certain instances, it’s perfectly fine to repair your siding rather than replace it. Here are some examples:


  • If a panel is cracked or chipped in one area, you may want to have that panel replaced or the crack filled.
  • If there is minimal separation between just a few panels, you can typically repair the problem by re-caulking and re-sealing that area.
  • If you notice a small patch of rot, it may be early enough to repair before it worsens. If the rot has not spread into the wall behind the siding, a small replacement of the rotted area should be possible. You will need the opinion of a professional siding contractor to assess this.
  • If a small section of your siding has been damaged from another project, it could be appropriate to simply repair that area.

The longevity of your siding is always an issue when making the choice to repair or replace. You don’t want to shell out for a repair job when you’ll need to replace the whole thing in a few years, anyway. So, how long does vinyl siding last? While a lot depends on environmental conditions, you can reduce your chances of having to repair or replace it with good maintenance practices. Planning an annual cleaning of your vinyl siding is a great place to start. Painting your siding when needed is also highly recommended for extending the life of your aluminum and wood siding.

Q:  When to Replace Siding?

There are times when even low maintenance siding cannot be repaired and will need to be replaced. Here are a few instances:


  • Extensive rotwhich spreads across a wide area of your siding.
  • Multiple cracks and gaps that jeopardize the structural integrity of your home.
  • Moisture invasion and the development of mold. (Note: if you see signs of moisture and mold inside your home, it can be an indicator of damaged siding.)
  • If your home has sustained significant damage from a storm.
  • There are times when homeowners are looking for a style upgrade or want to increase their curb appeal, and this can be a great time to replace siding.

Whether you’re looking to repair or replace, B&B Siding and Roofing is most interested in helping you make the best decision for your home and budget. We are honored to share two of our valued clients’ experience when repairing and replacing, respectively.

Sabrina B. had a large hole in the front of her home’s siding after she replaced the railing of her front steps. This was her experience:

“What set B&B apart from the other companies I spoke with was how quickly and efficiently they communicated. This project was not a huge job, and other companies did not want to be bothered. B&B really exceeded my expectations in every way. If it weren’t for them, another company would have insisted that I replace all the siding on my house. Also, the management in the front office has excellent communication skills and they were so easy to work with. They had a quote for me in no time and were able to work within my budget. They gave me realistic expectations and the outcome was amazing. Once they patched the area (of my siding) my home looked so beautiful.”



DJ C., an electrical contractor, had a much larger issue on his hands when it came to his own home. This is his account of using B&B Siding and Roofing to do major repairs and upgrades on the house he and his wife purchased in 2013:

“By the time 2015 came around, we discovered that the siding was bad and in the next three years we found out all the windows were bad. We also discovered there was no plywood between the siding and the sheetrock. It was shocking.

As an electrical contractor, I already knew that I didn’t want multiple sub-contractors to do this work; I just wanted one good one. We called several companies, and they were all terrible for various reasons. My wife googled “top rated contractors” and that’s how we found B&B. They took the time to fully explain siding and roofing. They quoted our job, including the plywood installation, in Feb 2020. The next month the COVID shutdowns happened, and they proactively bought the wood they needed for the job because they saw that lumber prices were going up.

Our job required roof shingles, attic fans, siding, all thirteen windows — they even replaced one rotted bay window and one sliding door — gutters and spouts. The whole thing took just over two weeks and cost far less than we had been quoted by other companies.

I would have them do our home’s entire remodel if they could. I would leave a B&B sign in front of my house forever if I could. They are truly family owned and operated and took our job as personally as if it was their own home.”



We love hearing these words from our clients, and look forward to serving your home’s needs with the same excellence and care!

At B&B Siding and Roofing, we give accurate estimates and stick to them.

If you’re in New Jersey or Staten Island contact us any time you need a quote for a siding, roofing, window, door, or gutter project!

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