2024’s Top Exterior Trends


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Like it or not, your home’s exterior is a mirror of you. It can reflect your taste and style. It can add to or detract from your home’s value. In order to understand the many ways our homes can reflect our personalities and interests, we spoke with Antonio Aiello, Principal at New Jersey based Devin Aiello Architects, to learn more about this year’s top exterior trends.

If you’re planning an exterior renovation project, we highly recommend considering Aiello’s expert advice on emerging trends.

Incorporate Architectural Elements into Your Home’s Exterior

Siding is one of the most effective ways to transform the exterior of your home. “Siding has a more timeless appeal than some of the other options on the market,” says Aiello.

But with so many options, choosing siding can be overwhelming. Be sure to consider design features like gingerbread shake, board and batten, and detailed trim. Fiber cement board, like James Hardie, is low maintenance, keeps up its look long-term, and is one of the trending siding options currently on the market.

“Fiber cement board siding creates the feel and appeal of a wood siding with the longevity of vinyl or aluminum siding,” explains Aiello. Additionally, it’s a composite material that resists rot, mold, and damage.

While fiber cement board siding is trending, other siding options deliver style and longevity—be sure to explore the pros and cons of composite, vinyl, natural wood, metal, stucco siding, and more.

Embrace Muted Base Tones and Add Interest with a Pop of Bold Color

When considering the color you’ll use for your home overall, consider more muted, neutral colors, Aiello suggests. “Muted colors will fade less and they’ll maintain with the times—they won’t date as quickly as more vibrant colors.”

With so many siding color options available, there is sure to be a color that fits your design aesthetic. If you’re not sure what color scheme is the best fit for your home, working with an exterior design professional can help you hone in on the perfect color combination—from earth tones and greens and blues to peaceful pastels and classic lights, there is something for everyone.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t add a bit of excitement through color. Look for a complementary color to make an impact as an accent color. “When choosing a color to add a splash of energy, I like to use bold, primary colors—a bright yellow or red, something that stands out and pulls your attention.”

Use Different Siding Textures to Create an Accent

Whether you create a different finish on different floors or use an accent point like a bay window or an addition, using a different kind of textured siding can create visual interest and align with design trends. For example, “with the right materials, you can turn your modern home into the farmhouse of your dreams,” said Aiello.

Explore some of our past exterior home remodeling projects to see how changing your siding, trim, and color can impact your home’s exterior.

Working with Dark Colors for Your Home’s Exterior

Black and other dark colors can make a beautiful statement and are on trend in recent years. According to Aiello, if you’re building a new home from the ground up, black works well because you can insulate and seal it properly. “If you’re refinishing your exterior, look into the existing insulation if you are considering darker colors to ensure it is sufficient to control heat in the summer without making your air conditioner work overtime.”

Think About Sustainability

Environmental sustainability is an important consideration in every purchase we make, big or small. Home exterior product manufacturers are innovating their products to be longer lasting and more eco-friendly. Finding a system that can stand the test of time helps the environment and saves you money in the long run. Look for materials that have longevity and are easy to maintain.

From color to materials to sustainability, there is much to consider when planning your exterior remodeling project. But with the right team in your corner, you can take the guesswork out of designing your home and feel confident knowing you have experts on your side.

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